Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Applications for Zythane® TPUs

  • For applications including shoe soles, accessories, ski boot shells and technical moldings like seals, caster wheels and tubing - look at Zythane® 4000-Series.
  • For applications such as spiral and pneumatic tubing, round and V belting and products such as bushings, dust caps, seals, blow molded bellows and mining screens - consider Zythane® 5000-Series.
  • Need a TPU for decorative parts or for dampening applications for sports shoes, ski tips, tubes and films - Zythane® 6000-Series might be for your application. 
  • For applications such as cable sheathing, plugs and terminations, spiral tubing, film, ski boot shells, animal ear tags and special products such as mining screens, railroad pads and seals - check out Zythane® 7000-Series.
  • Zythane® 8000-Series of TPU grades are noted for their ease of processing for calendaring application and low melt applications.
  • Can't quickly find what you might need here? This may call for application specific formulations of polyether and polyester TPUs or TPEs - contact us to find the optimum Zythane®  formulation for your application.

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