Thursday, November 29, 2012

APS Compounding Exceeds production Goals, Hits Half Million Pound Mark in 12 Months

APS Compounding Exceeds production Goals, Hits Half Million Pound Mark in 12 Months

ROMULUS, MI -- Little more than a year after opening its doors, APS Compounding in Romulus, MI, has reached its first milestone.  The firm announces that production during this short period has reached the 500,000 pound mark.   APS Compounding formulates standard grades of soft thermoplastic elastomers or tweaks formulations to meet the unique needs of processors for standard or proprietary injection molding or extrusion applications.

Company officials report they actually exceeded their initial goals, a testament, they say, to the growing needs by TPE designers and processors for a technical resource that can quickly compound either small to large quantities with particular emphasis unique, one-of-a-kind or proprietary applications.  The firm also attributes their mid-US location to their success, only a mile or so from Detroit’s major international airport.

In making this announcement, APS Compounding Principal Stephane Morin states, “We actually exceeded our goal to reach the half million pound mark the first year.  We initially forecast half this volume the first year to year and a half.  Although we correctly anticipated the needs in the TPE marketplace by entering this industry segment, we quickly learned the secrets that contribute to that growth and voids that exist within the industry, among them:

  • Having skilled formulation specialists on staff
  • Willingness to accept and resolve “nearly impossible” formulation challenges
  • A positive attitude to work with startup TPE product design and molding companies
  • Experience formulating major TPE types including TPUs, SEBS-based TPEs, TPVs, other
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines and provide “press-side” tweaking
  • Flexibility to accept both small and large orders
  • Large warehousing facilities to store compounding ingredients, provide grades just-in-time
APS Compounding is an independent, fully equipped compounding resource that can recreate, design or tweak any TPE to meet the most demanding specification with new colors, additives or filters.  APS Compounding serves all markets with compounded soft elastomers and molding/extrusion solutions.

For further information on the firm’s compounding products and services, contact: Marketing Department, APS Compounding, 30735 Cypress Road, Suite 400 B, Romulus, MI 48176.  Tel: 710-734-6706.  Fax: 710-734-6715.  Email:  Web:

Friday, November 16, 2012

APS Now Offers Own Viprene® TPVs

New VIPRENE® General Purpose TPV Grades Are Now in Stock
 From Alliance Polymers & Services

Formulated to Perform Equally to Competitive Offerings
ROMULUS, MI (November 15, 2012) – Only a few weeks ago, Alliance Polymers and Services (APS) announced it would be offering its own brands of soft thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) to be sold under the tradename Viprene®.  The first series of products to be offered will be marketed under the tradename of Viprene® G – a general purpose TPV that combines the various mechanical performance properties of thermoset rubber with the processing ease of plastics.  These materials offer good flexibility at low temperatures as well as long-term resistance in harsh environments and demanding applications where abrasion, chemical and UV resistance are required.

Viprene G is formulated to compete with the leading grades of thermoplastic vulcanizates.  They are offered in hardness ranges from 45 Shore A to 50 Shore D and have been developed for applications ranging from appliance and window seals to rollers, mechanical equipment, gaskets, electronic components (cable jacketing), boots and bellows and marine products plus any products that need vibration dampening components.  These general purpose grades match the compression set of the most widely used TPVs.  Viprene G is available as pellets in natural and black.

Depending on the grade selected, Viprene TPVs can be injection molded, extruded or blow molded.

Alliance Polymers and Services (APS) in Romulus, MI, is a full service warehousing, distribution, shipping and technical service organization dedicated to helping all TPE marketers and processors with their product and technical support needs.  The firm currently produces and sells its own line of TPEs under the Styflex® brand name,  and TPVs under the Viprene® brand name. APS also markets and supports Polymax Maxelast® TPEs and BASF Elastollan® TPUs.   Sales and service are available from APS headquarters in the Detroit area and through independent technical agents located in key cities and markets throughout the North American Continent.

For more information on and samples of the newest APS branded TPEs for conventional, unique or highly durable applications, contact: Marketing Department, Alliance Polymers and Services LLC, 30735 Cypress Road, Suite 400, Romulus, MI 48174.  Tel: 734-710-6706.   Fax: 734-7106715.  Web:   Email:

Thursday, November 8, 2012