Friday, October 23, 2015

APS Elastomers Creates “Salt and Pepper” Blend for Plaque Manufacturer

The manufacturer of plaques used for automotive paint color samples was looking for a cost-effective custom color for their injection molded products. Located in metro Detroit, they turned to local TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) distributor, APS Elastomers. Stephane Morin, owner of APS Elastomers, suggested a “salt and pepper” color concentrate. Blended with Zythane® TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) that is specially formulated for injection molding applications, they developed a neutral grey resin to achieve the look needed for their customer’s particular application. The polyester-based TPU exhibits excellent abrasion resistance and has good hydrolytic stability.  Moreover, Zythane® TPUs offer good colorability to blend with custom “salt and pepper” color concentrate. “Using a “salt and pepper” blend is an ideal way to significantly reduce cost”, says Stephane Morin.

APS Elastomers'"Salt and Pepper" custom color blend
APS Elastomers offers “salt and pepper” custom color matching and blending for thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs); assisting their customers with a broad range of color concentrate that are FDA, RoHS, CONEG, and NSF compliant and heavy-metal free. “Since our customer uses the same material grade in numerous applications, “salt and pepper” color concentrate allows them to mix a wide range of colors in several smaller, custom batch products; reducing lead time and saving money”, adds Morin.

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