Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Irogran® TPU Polycaprolactone for Seals, Gaskets and Other Demanding Applications Now Available Through APS Elastomers

APS Elastomers is working with Huntsman Corporation’s Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU) division to promote a recently extended range of polycaprolactone-based TPU grades that are ideal for high temperature, industrial applications.

Marketed under the IROGRAN® brand, Huntsman’s high performance K-series TPUs offer customers good processability and an excellent compression set at elevated temperatures. Ideal for use in heavy-duty engineering equipment, engines and hydraulic systems, this special portfolio of TPUs can withstand a wide range of temperatures from sub-zero conditions to environments where heat exceeds 100°C.

Excellent wear resistance against oils, grease, and elevated temperatures, means the TPUs are particularly well suited to the high performance injection molding of seals, gaskets, wheels and rollers, and other demanding applications.

Recently, the performance envelope of the polycaprolactone range has been extended to include a superior ability to mold products. Additionally, for added flexibility, a range of different hardness is also available for customers. Distributed through APS Elastomers, the K-series products are available in both granule and pellet form.

Huntsman and APS Elastomers are committed to providing on-going technical support, problem-solving and product development services to designers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and processors.  APS Elastomers also provides expedited shipment and full laboratory services.

For more information about IROGRAN® TPUs for injection molding and extrusion, contact APS Elastomers, 30735 Cypress Road, Suite 400, Romulus, MI 48174. Email: info@apstpe.com Web: www.apstpe.com

IROGRAN® is a registered trademark of Huntsman Corporation or an affiliate thereof, in one or more countries, but not all countries.

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APS Elastomers is committed to innovation in all areas of the elastomer business by providing knowledge of all TPEs.  Along with the highest level of service and support,   APS Elastomers helps select the right polymer and develop new and better processing techniques allowing OEMs and processors to manufacturer their products successfully and efficiently.

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Huntsman Corporation is a publicly traded global manufacturer and marketer of differentiated chemicals with 2014 revenues of approximately $13 billion including the acquisition of Rockwood’s performance additives and TiO2 businesses. Our chemical products number in the thousands and are sold worldwide to manufacturers serving a broad and diverse range of consumer and industrial end markets.  We operate more than 100 manufacturing and R&D facilities in more than 30 countries and employ approximately 15,000 associates within our 5 distinct business divisions.  For more information about Huntsman, please visit the company's website at www.huntsman.com.
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