Monday, October 14, 2013

Zythane® TPU for Electric and Hybrid Cable Sheathing

Zythane® TPU for Electric and Hybrid Cable Sheathing
The growing popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles has placed increasing demands on OEMs and automobile manufacturers to offer cable harnesses and leads which withstand greater rigors than ever before, namely increased voltage  and higher temperatures.

In response, Alliance Polymers & Services, LLC (APS) offers the latest high temperature grade of Zythane® TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) required for such applications. Zythane® 7000 Series TPU offers excellent properties normally associated with thermoplastic polyurethanes – lower compression set, good wear and chemical resistance plus high tear and tensile strength. This grade has a typical Shore A hardness of 85, is less expensive and easier to process than competitive materials.

Under the direction of  two of the plastic industry’s leading marketing and technical support executives, Roger J. Huarng and Stephane Morin, formerly with BASF Corporation, APS markets and supports Maxelast® TPEs, Viprene® TPVs, Zythane® TPUs, TPE alloys, compounding series, and custom and standard soft elastomer formulations.  Our team offers the knowledge of all TPEs, TPUs and TPVs.

Compare our TPEs with our competitor's and discover why manufacturers rely on APS as their source for polymer solutions to unique application challenges.

For more information on TPEs for extrusion or injection molding, as well as other grades for conventional, unique or highly durable applications, contact APS.  Samples provided upon request for molding trials.

Make APS your thermoplastic elastomer resource!

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