Monday, September 30, 2013

Soft Thermoplastic Vulcanizates (TPVs) Available at Alliance Polymers & Services

APS offers its own brand of soft thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs)  sold under the trade name Viprene®.  

Viprene® G – a general purpose TPV, combines the various mechanical performance properties of thermoset rubber with the processing ease of plastics. These materials offer good flexibility at low temperatures as well as long-term resistance in harsh environments and demanding applications where abrasion, chemical, and UV resistance are required. 

Features include:
  • Applicability in appliance and window seals, gaskets, electronic components, cable jacketing, boots and bellows, and marine products.
  • Available in pellets of natural and black.

APS can provide samples on request for molding trials and can ship small to large production runs of the TPVs.
Viprene® G-Series TPV for Appliance Seals

Viprene® G-Series TPV for Gaskets

Viprene® G-Series TPV for Cable Jacketing

APS (Alliance Polymers and Services LLC) is an established TPE technology resource offering service, technical  support and TPE materials for consumer and industrial applications.  Company offerings include Maxelast® TPEs, Viprene® TPVs, Zythane® TPUs, TPE alloys, compounding services and custom and standard soft elastomer formulations.

APS is owned and operated by three of the industry’s leading marketing and technical support executives, Roger J. Huarng and Stephane Morin, formerly with BASF Corporation. They work with a series of independent technical agents located in key cities and markets throughout the North American Continent.

For more information on TPEs for overmolding as well as other grades for conventional, unique or highly durable applications, contact APS.

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