Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Zythane® 7045D TPU Ideal for Pneumatic Tubing

Top-rated pneumatic hoses and brake tubes can be easily produced using Zythane® 7045D, which adds abrasion/tear/cut/puncture resistance, high burst pressure, high elasticity and coil retention, long-term flexibility, oil/fuel /microbial resistance, low-temperature flexibility and hydrolytic stability. Additionally, Zythane® 7045D provides puncture and abrasion resistance, along with an impressively high burst-pressure rating, yet it also ensures a high degree of flexibility for kink resistance and ease of coiling.
Zythane® 7045D is a polyether-­based TPU specifically formulated for extrusion applications with ease of processing and free of gels. It exhibits excellent abrasion resistance and toughness and has good hydrolytic stability, oil, fuel and solvent resistance. It is supplied uncolored in pellet form.
In addition to pneumatic tubing, Zythane® 7045D applications include FDA applications; cable sheathing, spiral tubing, film, irrigation hoses, conveyor hoses, fire hoses, hydraulic hoses, cable jacketing, flat flex cables, automotive sensor cables.
Polyether-based grades of Zythane® TPUs offer improved microbial resistance, enhanced resistance to weak acids/bases and moisture/humidity, and low service temperatures. The robust characteristics of Zythane® TPUs make it the superior choice for use in hose and tube applications.
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