Tuesday, April 7, 2015

APS Elastomers Develops Thermoplastic Elastomer for Flat Cables

APS Elastomers has developed a TPV (thermoplastic vulcanate elastomer) extrusion grade for flat conductor network cables. Viprene® TPV's  produce cables that weigh less, create more space, and improve performance and safety compared to standard round conductor cables. Flat conductor network cables consist of foil-type copper strips of varying widths that are electrically insulated by a plastic layer and bound together into a single unit; protecting the copper strips from external elements. Manufactured using an extrusion process, they can be sheathed without using adhesives that can negatively impact product performance.

Viprene TPV for Flat Cables

Conventional round conductor cables tend to kink; limiting places where they can be placed and remain undetected. "Flat network cables are ideal for applications requiring constant flexing," says Stephane Morin, owner of APS Elastomers. Flat conductor cables can be inserted in areas previously considered unfeasible or cumbersome, such as exterior mirrors, trunk and hood lids, roof liners, doors, and rotating arms; allowing more options in designs.  "Our ability to custom formulate TPV grades to the exact specifications of our customers provides flexibility; whether variable conductor cross sections, two- to four-core conductor structures, flexible insulation wall strength, individual coloring of the cable sheathing or position tagging with a code strip," adds Morin.

Available in Shore hardness range of 35A-50D, Viprene® can be optimized with specific softness needed in industrial, construction, appliance, and electronic applications. Lower processing costs as well as adhesion to a broad range of substrates make it an ideal substitute of more costly material. Additional performance advantages of Viprene® extrusion grades for flat conductor network cables include resistance to abrasion, bend and fold stress, chemical and microbial interaction, and weight reduction. TPVs' thermal insulation properties deliver good voltage strength, enable humid, long-term temperature and wet storage.

For more information on how APS Elastomers can find cost-effective solutions, develop proprietary formulations, and enhance products faster and more efficiently, contact info@apstpe.com

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