Wednesday, July 23, 2014

APS Elastomers’ Viprene® TPV: Lightweight Alternative for Use in Automotive Exterior Applications

APS Elastomers has developed a thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV) for use in automotive exterior applications. Viprene® TPVs are a cost-effective, lightweight alternative for use in mirror mounts, mud guards and splash shields, bumpers, antenna bezels, and gaskets, seals and grommets. Available in natural or black pellets with a Shore hardness range of 35A-50D, Viprene® TPVs provide flexibility over a wide temperature range and resistance to degradation from water, oil, and grease.  Additionally, Viprene® TPVs offer a better compression set, are fatigue resistant, dimensionally stable and offer heat aging stability, low temperature flexibility and excellent U.V. and ozone stability.  “Our Viprene® TPV can be formulated to individual specifications needed in a variety of automotive exterior applications”, says Stephane Morin, owner of APS Elastomers.

For more information on Viprene® grades for extrusion and injection molding, as well as other grades for conventional, unique or highly durable applications, contact APS Elastomers,

Viprene TPV use for auto exterior
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