Wednesday, November 20, 2013

APS Offers a Wide Range of Elastomers

Alliance Polymers & Services (APS) carries a wide range of polyester and polyether-based TPUs. Products from our extensive portfolio are customizable and can be used in a variety of technical extrusion and injection molding applications including:

  •         Wires and cables

  •        Hoses and tubes

  •        Machinery belts and profiles

  •        Automotive components

  •       Technical parts

  •        Overmoldings

  •        Films and sheets

  •        Textile lamination

  •        Compounding

APS currently markets and supports Maxelast® TPEs, Viprene® TPVs, Huntsman Polyurethanes’ IROGRAN® and AVALON® TPUs, Zythane® TPUs, TPE alloys, as well as our compounding series of custom and soft elastomer formulations. Contact our qualified plastics engineers to find the elastomer best suited for your unique application.

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