Monday, February 7, 2011


Patented GoClaws® made from a high grade TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) from Advanced Traction Systems, Inc. ( are now being endorsed  by Alliance Polymers & Services (APS).  APS is the primary materials supplier and technical molding resource for the manufacture of GoClaws® and other related Advanced Traction Systems (ATS) company products.

The new injection molded plastic product is taking municipal, fire, police, ambulance, as well as private owners and operators, off-road enthusiasts, car and truck fleet companies, by storm.  GoClaws® tire chains are extremely durable. The patented product  is easy to install and works extremely well in snow, ice , mud and sand.  In recent tests by ATS, even after being driven on snow-covered and dry pavement more than 300 miles, the plastic tire chains continued to perform and showed little, if any, signs of wear.

Developed as a viable alternative to conventional, fast-wearing, noisy and difficult-to-install metal chains, GoClaws®  are the result of many years of design and development based on proven techniques of mechanical engineering, physics, material selection, advanced plastics molding and hydraulics.  Materials supplier Alliance Polymers & Services, a formidable TPE supplier, saw the potential of GoClaws®and invested heavily in the company in terms of providing material samples, beside-the-press advice and formulations, cost breaks on materials, and extensive technical support.

GoClaws® and other vehicular traction products are designed and manufactured by Advanced Traction Systems, Inc., Cleveland, TN.  Other company traction products are sold under the names Flex-Trax®, Snoboots® and SnoClaws®.  Features and benefits of the products include: snow or mud tires only when a user needs them; easy installation; no tools required; can be installed even when the vehicle is stuck; works in snow, ice, mud and sand; self-cleaning; self-tracking; easy on tires, wheels and the pavement; tough enough to be driven on dry pavement; lightweight; will not rust; durable; and competitively priced.

Alliance Polymers and Advanced Traction Systems proudly note that some of the most prominent distribution and retail outlets are testing and selling the new products.  A large portion of the success of the design is attributed to the high quality and unique durability of the thermoplastic polyurethane, a proprietary polymer which is distributed nationally by Alliance Polymers & Services.

Alliance Polymers & Services in Romulus, MI, is a full service warehousing, distribution, shipping and technical service organization dedicated to helping TPE, TPU and other elastomer marketers and processors with all their product and technical support needs.  The firm currently markets and supports Polymax Maxelast® TPEs and BASF Elastollan® TPUs.

APS is owned and operated by three of the industry’s leading marketing and technical support executives, Roger Huarng, Stephane Morin and Ron Sheu, formerly with BASF Corporation.  They work with a series of independent technical agents located in markets throughout the North American Continent.

For more information on TPEs for conventional, unique or highly durable applications contact:
Alliance Polymers & Services LLC,
30735 Cypress Road, Suite 400, Romulus, MI 48174. 
Tel: 734-710-6700. 

For more information on the line of traction products contact:
Advanced Traction Systems, Inc.
2765 Michigan Avenue Road NE, Cleveland, TN 37312
 Tel: 1-800-788-9912 Fax: 1-800-788-9217
Web:  Email:

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